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All students should take up a sports CCA Empty All students should take up a sports CCA

Sat Feb 15, 2020 12:09 am
All students should take up a sports CCA as doing so allows someone to benefit physically. Sports CCA usually requires students to exercise vigourously. Such exercises include running for long distances, sprinting and lifting weights. This will allow the students to gain more muscle and lose body fats, making them more fit and healthy. Being physically fit allows students to have an easier time in the army as they would have the stamina and strength to perform ridiculously difficult tasks such as marching for millions of miles while carrying pieces of equipment that weigh thousands of tons. Students that do not take sports CCA would have a weaker physical body and it would be harder for them to perform the routine they will have to complete when they join the army. Hence, all students should take up a sports CCA as sports CCA helps to prepare students for the future when they need to perform physically demanding tasks by making the students more physically fit.
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