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All students should not be required to take up a sports CCA Empty All students should not be required to take up a sports CCA

Mon Feb 17, 2020 4:39 pm
I believe that there is no real point in taking up a sports CCA unless you feel a passion for that particular sport or if you are exceptionally talented in it. This is because your time could be better spent developing other skills which may be more useful in your life, such as first aid, which can be learnt from joining a uniform group such as St John's Brigade, or learning survival techniques from joining the scouts. The skills which you may obtain from CCA's such as these are much more likely to be applicable in our daily life than a sport. Some people may argue that joining a CCA will help you with improving your fitness, but I feel that improving your fitness can be covered in lessons such as Physical Education, wherein students not only develop their fitness but also develop basic skills for sports. Thus, I feel that sports CCA's should not be compulsory for all students, but encouraged for those who may have a lot of skill or passion for a particular sport.
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