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The award money is unjustifiable Empty The award money is unjustifiable

Mon Feb 24, 2020 7:02 am
The award money is unjustifiable. Both grouos of people that took part in the olympics and sea games are professional athletes. This means that they work as an athlete for a living and may not any other job to support themselves. Hence if they were to win around 10000 for a competition that comes once every two years although it is considered a lower level competetion, they would not be able to support themselves. They need more money to help them get by on a daily basis. Athletes may also have a more expensive lifestyle and need a bigger expenses. If the athlete does not have enough money to get by, they would be less likely to continue trying to make a living using sports and instead quit to find a better job. This can lead to many less known athletes quiting instead of pushing and trying to achieve greater heights. Hence I think the award is unjustfiable.
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