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People who take part in extreme sports are irresponsible. Script by howard  Empty People who take part in extreme sports are irresponsible. Script by howard

Sat Feb 15, 2020 7:59 am
Extreme sports speech transcript

Extreme sports are commonly defined as potentially life-threatening activities, which require great skill and is physically demanding. It is only logical to think that those who participate in such activities are irresponsible and reckless people who do so impulsively—possibly enticed by the adrenaline rush they get every time they play these sports. However, I believe the converse is true—these people are, in actual fact, responsible.

The people who take part in such sports would usually put in place a myriad of precautionary measures so as to safeguard their own safety and lives. Statistics have shown that only 1 in 200000 skydiving jumps resulted in any form of serious injury. On the other hand, traditionally "safer" sports such as basketball, cycling and football rack up over a million injuries annually. From this, it can be seen that the dangers associated with extreme sports have actually prompted enthusiasts to implement a multitude of preventive measures to protect themselves. To add on, the act of putting in the effort to prepare a safer environment for oneself while performing these extreme sports reflects one's forethought to protect oneself from the inextricable risks and also to be held accountable for their actions. Hence, they are clearly not irresponsible.
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